This Week’s News: Covid Vaccine cleared for UK use!

If true, this is wonderful news and will provide the light at the end of the tunnel we have all been waiting for.

But please be patient: there have been many false horizons on the Covid journey so far and rollout of the vaccine will be neither instantaneous nor problem free.

There are many groups who can legitimately claim to be top priority: Health and Social Care staff, Care Homes, the over 80s, Emergency Services, and so on – they will all need to be carefully scheduled.

And the speed of roll out will be restricted by the sheer logistics involved. The NHS is used to mass inoculation against Influenza each winter, but the Covid vaccine programme will be of an unprecedented scale & complexity.

It will take time, there will be mistakes along the way – but people will be doing their best.

Wiltshire communities have been incredibly good at following the rules up until now – just hang in there a bit longer, and please don’t spoil everything achieved so far by lowering your guard in the run-up to Christmas.

Ashley Truluck, High Sheriff of Wiltshire, and Chair of the Community Foundation for Wiltshire & Swindon